You can now use the PS5 DualSense on Steam

With the last day's update you will be able to use the much-talked about PlayStation 5 controller on Steam but it is not yet fully functional.

  • 15-11-2020 21:31

One of the most curious features of PlayStation 5 was its controller DualSense. Now not only PlayStation 5 owners but also PC owners will be able to purchase extra and use this controller on Steam.

Perhaps the most praised thing since the PlayStation 5 came out was its controller. As in previous generations, players who did not own a console but still wanted to use a controller could not use DualSense because the console was just released. Valve also made DualSense available on Steam with a new update that lost no time.

Unfortunately, not all DualSense features are available for now. Unfortunately, the tactile feedback feature, which is the best feature of the controller, is unfortunately absent, as well as the vibration feature. However, it should be reminded that it is only in beta. So soon we will be able to use the controller in Steam games with full support. For now, we can say that only the keys work.

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