World War Z and other 2 games currently free on Epic Games

World War Z, Tormentor X Punisher and Figment games are available for free for a short time by Epic Store.

  • 27-03-2020 14:44

Epic Games has been offering some games for free every week since last year. This campaign continues for the time being in 2020 and some games are offered to the users every week.

These free games can be sold at high prices on other platforms. Just like World War Z. Epic Games has now made World War Z, Tormentor X Punsiher and Figment games free.

World War Z

World War Z is based on the movie made by Paramount Pictures. The game has a very tense mood. Unlike the film, our goal is to done available missions all over the world. There are different characters we can play.

There are 6 different characters in the standard version of the game. It is possible to increase the number of characters with DLCs. With these characters, we try to get rid of the zombie hordes or you can try to play the story in cooperation. 


Figment is a fun and enjoyable game in a magical world. In this interesting world, music, humor and a a good scenario welcome us.

Tormentor X Punisher

The character we control in the game can eliminate even the most challenging level-end monsters with a single hit, like the One Punch Man. Unfortunately, like everything in the game, we can die with one shot, too. So be careful. 

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