The 2020 Steam Autumn Sale

The most discounted period of the year continues with Steam Autumn sales. Here are the games we recommend and prominent in discounts.

  • 26-11-2020 14:37

Steam, one of the cornerstones of PC gaming, has started new sales. As always, there is a discount on almost every game.

Steam's new discounts have started which makes special pricing for almost every game. In these discounts, which started under the name of The Steam Autumn Sale, many games have been discounted at very high rates. Sales will be valid from November 25  until December 1, at 10:00 am Pacific. Click here to access the Steam page.

Steam Awards

It has also started in the Steam Awards. The introductory article is as follows:

It's time for the Steam Awards Selection Committee, tasked with determining the best of the year, to meet again. You are a very competent jury in this venerable committee! You should determine the games that take the video games to the next level according to the criteria that are as original as the areas in which the contenders are included. For this purpose, we have introduced several new categories with which you can measure the goodness of these games. The choice is yours, start nominating your favorites right away!

Click here to access the Steam awards page.

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