SwordMaster Story, 1M Downloads Breakthrough and New Update!

In October 2020, ‘SwordMaster Story’, the Mobile Action RPG published by SuperPlanet and produced by CodeCat, surpassed 1 million downloads thanks to the love of its users from all over the world.

  • 01-02-2021 19:28

'SwordMaster Story' is a mobile action RPG in the genre of 'Hack n Slash', where the users have to fight against the empire and the evil forces that threaten the world with colleagues as they play the role of a Sword Master from another world, ‘Cain'. Combining a solid story, amazing action and the beloved RPG style, SwordMaster Story experienced a huge popularity immediately upon launch.

In addition to this important breakthrough, SuperPlanet and CodeCat have also prepared a new update. 'Kana', a mysterious girl who appeared in contents such as events and dungeons, will finally be an official character, and a new feature called ‘Ideal Stone’ has been added to provide additional stats. 

SuperPlanet recently gave more details regarding the update to users who are eagerly waiting all around the world for the new contents.

A shooter in a world of swords and magic, Kana!

A Five-Star Fire Element Archer Character who eliminates her enemies at once thanks to her powerful physical damage. Nobody knows who she is or where she comes from. However, no one will be surprised to know that this mysterious girl is very powerful. Check out Kana’s performances in PVP and Raids!

Chance to break through the limits and become stronger, ‘The Ideal Stone’

The user will be able to provide additional stats to all characters by using the ‘Souls’ and ‘Transcendence Scrolls’ which can be obtained from selling Characters’ shards. The ‘Magic Resistance’, a new very important stat that can be obtained from the ‘Ideal Stone’, will also be available in the next update.

For more detailed information and event news, check out the official community page and SuperPlanet’s Official YouTube Channel.

SuperPlanet will be also holding various events to celebrate the 1M downloads of ‘SwordMaster Story’. By joining in and participating, the users will be able to get essential items such as stamina, rubies, etc.. to use in their gaming experience.

Without further ado, let's participate in the Swordmaster Story's special events!

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