SWITCH: High-quality indie platformer out in the Americas Monday

New mechanics introduced in ambitious 3D-platformer by Danish studio.

  • 01-02-2021 19:21

Originality permeates Glyph, a new video game from Bolverk Games, which launched Monday on Nintendo’s eShop in the USA and the Americas. The Switch game is in a genre that sees many new arrivals, with only a few who manage to bring something original to the screen.

A great way to start the year, Glyph deserves a place in everyone’s Switch library. Girl Gamers UK (9/10)


"I have never been so excited about a game launch before. The platforming genre rarely sees new mechanics that add to the gameplay,” says the Bolverk Games CEO, Bo Bennekov.

New fun and satisfying combinations to steer your character are introduced in Glyph by the Danish indie studio. With a heavy focus on maneuverability, the game developers have successfully balanced the fine line between manageable introduction to the game while leaving a lot of room to grow your skills.

"a 3D platformer that sets new standards in the areas of freedom of movement and speed." ntower.de


Players control a round mechanical scarab that can protrude wings to glide short distances, jump, slam, and use its surroundings to alter velocity and direction.

Puzzling their way through scenic maps like vast open deserts and great ancient ruins, players make their own routes and collect what they need - if they have the skill. Quickly, players will learn enough to complete the levels, but it requires full control of all abilities to get to the perimeters and find all the secrets.

“There’s a clear demand of the player to master the glyph. This is the red thread throughout the game, and a challenge constantly facing the player,” says Lead Game Designer, Jesper Halfter.

"I have to point out the soundtrack: it’s fantastic"

The experience is had on the backdrop of an impressive and original musical score made by the studio’s in-house composer. He put together individual tracks for all of the title’s 80+ levels.

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