Steam support for PS5 and Xbox Series controllers has been improved

Steam's support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series controllers has been improved with a new update. You can find the details in our news.

  • 10-01-2021 18:00

Although the mouse and keyboard are critical in PC gaming, the pleasure of playing games with a controller is also different. That's why many players can buy and use controllers even if they don't buy a console.

With the release of the new generation consoles, the new generation controllers also made their debut. Steam, as usual, soon added support for new controllers of consoles to the platform. Unfortunately, most important features were not available. With the latest update, controller support has been improved a little more.

Players using the Xbox Series controller on Steam will now be able to use the controller's "Share" button. You will also be able to connect 4 different controllers at the same time to Steam. The vibration feature has also been added to games using the Windows.Gaming.Input API. Finally, support for the Xbox Elite controller has also been added.

On the DualSense side of the PlayStation 5 controller, the tactile feedback and adaptive trigger keys, which are the most important features, are still not available. However, a small innovation has been introduced in this development update. You can now customize the DualSense's LED light color.

You can find more details on this latest update here.

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