Starring Vin Diesel, ARK II will be exclusive to the Xbox Series at its release

ARK: Survival Evolved's sequel ARK II and a new animated series were announced recently, and now new details have been announced.

  • 16-12-2020 18:02

The sequel to the open-world survival game ARK: Survival Evolved, developed by Studio Wildcard, was announced last week. Now some details have been announced.

The leading role of the game, which was announced last week, is Vin Diesel, as we saw in the announcement trailer. The game, which is announced to be developed for Xbox Series and PC; In its release, that is, in 2022, it was announced that it will only be accessible on Xbox Series consoles. Later, the game will be added to the PC. Even if it is not released, it can be added to the Game Pass system after a while like the first game.

It was also announced that Vin Diesel, the main character of the game, was not only present as a character. He also joined the studio as a producer. So he is currently working on the game. Finally, Vin Diesel is also producing the announced ARK animation.

Gerard Butler, Zahn McClarnon, Malcolm McDowell, David Tennant, Devery Jacobs, Deborah Mailman, Madeleine Madden, Elliot Page, Juliet Mills, Michelle Yeon, Ragga Ragnars, Alan Tudyk, Jeffrey Wright, Karl Urban, Ron Yuan, Russell Crowe and Vin Diesel.


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