Special edition of FIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series has been released

The new game of the FIFA series, FIFA 21 one of the most popular sports games of today which is published regularly every year has been released for the new generation.

  • 03-12-2020 12:00

The next generation special edition of FIFA 21, the new game of the FIFA series, the most popular of football games published and developed by Electronic Arts has been released.

The next generation update was released only for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. If you own a new generation console and purchased FIFA 21 in the previous generation, you can upgrade for free. If you don't have FIFA 21 yet, you can purchase it from the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store.

You can find the extra features of the game in the new generation and the gameplay video published for the new generation below.

New Generation Features

PS5 ™ DualSense ™ Haptic Feedback

The rich and responsive touch feedback of the new DualSense controller on PlayStation®5 deepens the gameplay experience, with delightful goals hitting the post from interceptions that prevent the goal at the last moment. Feel the impact of shots, passes and taps with the immersive controller haptic feedback that reacts to what's happening on the pitch and lets you feel the rhythm of the match in your hands.

Push-Pull Physics Rules

The expanded player interaction system adds our Real Player Action Technology (RPMT) to ball-grabbing challenges. Feel the enhanced physicality of grabbing combat as players push and pull with faster response time than ever in flowing play and set ball positions.

Images and Sounds

With thousands of unique anthems specially recorded from the world's biggest competitions including the Premier League, LaLiga Santander and Bundesliga, FIFA 21 delivers the ultimate EA SPORTS Atmospheric Sound experience, unmatched in sports games for both the current and next generation.

Ultimate Realism

New generation technology defines player physics in a better way. Muscle movements after hitting the ball, hair strands with Frostbite ™ infrastructure that realistically adapts to the player movements of the biggest stars, and realism-enhanced faces and jersey fabrics bring the world's best football players to the next level in dynamic realism.

Precise Multi-Touch Animations

New gameplay technology improves the visual quality and response time of ball-related animations, allowing you to experience smoother and more realistic player movements. Players now use more human-like touches, reducing mechanical and robotic movements.

Humanization in the Field Without Ball

From tiredly adjusting the kick boards in the 89th minute to shouting at your teammate and asking for a pass, Humanization in the Field Without Ball creates visual animation texture and original character behaviors that make you feel all the emotions of football at the highest level.

Game Camera

Inspired by the look and feel of top football broadcasts, the new gameplay camera offers you a different perspective in every match. See a wider part of the pitch and watch the home and away fans' reactions to the match in real time to help you better plan your game and cross passes.

Live Light Processing

Our new delay lighting system creates an ultra-realistic football experience from Anfield to Parc des Princes, from Etihad to Bernabéu. FIFA 21 improves the visuality of the World's Game in all respects, from precisely added ground floors, stadium materials and atmospheric effects to reserves, officials, home and away fans.

Pre-Match Live Broadcast

The new pre-match cinematics offer a matchday experience like no other, allowing you to experience the visual and audio aspects of football at the highest level. See the team buses arrive at the stadium before the match, feel the excitement of the fans passing through the turnstiles, and watch the players pass through the press zone as they step out onto the court.

Moments of Big Goals

Some goals make more sense. New contextual player, bench, and fan reactions that change with the course of the match allow you to feel key emotions and exciting moments, such as a last-minute match-winning goal in the UEFA Champions League or a tie goal that saved the team from relegation.

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