Sony: Not a single PS5 left all stock out

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan says they are doing their best to respond to high demand. However, for now unfortunately stocks all over the world are completely out.

  • 23-11-2020 13:01

Sony's new generation game console continues to have stock problems on PlayStation 5. The console is completely depleted all over the world and it is almost impossible to find stock. Making some statements on this issue, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said that there is not a single PS5 console left at the moment.

Speaking to TASS in Russian media, Ryan said, "Everything is sold out. All consoles are completely sold out. I spent most of the past year to make sure we can generate enough demand for the console. Now I spend most of my executive time raising supplies to respond to that demand." used the expressions.

Jim Ryan says they are doing their best to respond to the extraordinary level of demand, but it is certain that stock shortages will continue, at least for a while. New stocks will probably open on Black Friday this week, but of course we can guess that these will be sold out very soon.

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