'Rust' game explodes: developer gets crazy bucks

Twitch's new favorite, Rust, began breaking records seven years after its debut. The game is currently making tremendous revenues on Steam.

  • 10-01-2021 17:45

The booming games list continues to expand, thanks to Twitch. Now Rust, originally a seven-year-old game, has become the new king of Twitch. When Rust suddenly gained great popularity, the developers of the game started to make huge revenues.

Income exceeding $ 1 million per day

Developer Garry Newman, the founder of the Rust producer studio Facepunch, said in a statement on Twitter that Rust made more than $ 1 million on two different days this week. Probably these revenues will increase in the coming days as Rust attracts more and more players every day.

The survival / sandbox genre Rust was first released in 2013 as early access. The game later debuted as a full version in 2018. Rust was actually a very popular game, but when it became a phenomenon on Twitch, the number of players suddenly increased 4-5 times. At the time of writing this article, the number of simultaneous players has reached 243 thousand and is breaking a new record again.

Rust has recently achieved a tremendous success, reaching 1 million simultaneous viewers on Twitch. Currently, the audience figures are around 1 million.

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