'Rust' game continues to rise: set new record on Steam

Rust, which exploded thanks to Twitch, broke a new player record. It was stated that the daily revenues of the game exceeded $ 1 million.

  • 20-01-2021 00:16

Twitch's new favorite Rust is continuing its rise on Steam. The game, which exploded seven years after its release, broke a new record on Steam this week, reaching over 244,000 concurrent players.

Rust was actually a very popular game before Twitch; For example, in the early stages of the pandemic last year, it managed to reach 125 thousand simultaneous players. In normal periods, he generally had 60-70 thousand players. However, when it became a phenomenon on Twitch, there was a sudden increase in numbers. Rust, which surpassed 200 thousand simultaneous players on January 8, now reached almost 250 thousand.

Avatar 'Rust' game has exploded: Developer earns crazy bucks
Garry Newman, the head of Rust's developer studio Facepunch, said in a statement on January 8 that the game's daily revenues reached $ 1 million. Facepunch, an independent and relatively small studio, will likely generate a substantial revenue of $ 20-30 million in just 1 month.

This great success achieved by Rust, of course, once again demonstrated the power of Twitch and Twitch streamers. Even older games like Rust and Among Us can quickly gain incredible popularity thanks to platforms like Twitch. It was perhaps one of the most interesting stories in the game world that Among Us became the world's most popular game from scratch last year.

Rust, a multiplayer-oriented survival / sandbox game, first debuted in 2013 with an early-access model. The game later released a full version in 2018. Offering a social experience as well as powerful game mechanics, Rust seems to remain popular for a long time.

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