Riot Games’ Valorant has beta release date now!

League of Legends developer Riot Games will begin the closed beta process of the new FPS game Valorant.

  • 31-03-2020 15:48

Valorant will be a game like Overwatch and CS: GO but developed by Riot Games. The game was in the Alpha stage so far. According to the developer, the closed beta process will begin on April 7. It is not clear how long the beta process will take or how many players will be included. 

How can you join the Valorant closed beta? 

Riot account and Twitch accounts need to be linked to join the closed beta. After this linking, Valorant news will be highlighted in the region activated. 

The beta will not be global at least at start. Instead, the beta will be limited regionally. First, USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Turkey will be open for close beta. The Riot official said that the plan was to present Valorant to as many players as possible worldwide. He stated that their capacity has decreased due to the coronavirus outbreak and that the distribution will be slow for this reason. For now, the company will focus on the regions it feels most ready.

Valorant will be the first game released by Riot Games except League of Legends.

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