RGB illuminated face mask and gaming chair from Razer

The popular brand Razer, familiar to the players, introduced its new products at CES 2021. Two products named Project Brooklyn and Project Hazel are interesting from each other.

  • 13-01-2021 19:04

Introducing different and interesting products at the CES event almost every year, the brand Razer, which is well known by the players, has successfully completed its task. Two different products are coming from Razer, Project Brooklyn and Project Hazel.

RGB Illuminated Mask

This mask, named Project Hazel, is a smart mask from Razer. It uses a removable and rechargeable ventilation system to regulate the air flow. Using the N95 medical grade respiratory protection system to filter at least 95% of airborne particles, this mask also has a transparent front. In this way, people will continue to see your gestures.

In addition, the mask has a microphone with VoiceAmp technology, which eliminates problems such as muffled voice due to the mask or inability to make your voice heard by people who are in a distance. Finally, there is Razer Chroma RGB lighting on the mask.

Another project of Razer is the gaming chair called Project Brooklyn. This chair has a seat with haptic feedback as well as a screen that surrounds you. Featuring a 60-inch adjustable OLED screen, this technology aims to offer you a similar experience without wearing a VR helmet. In this product, which also has RGB lighting, you will be able to feel the game atmospheres with tactile feedback.

Let us remind you that both products mentioned are concept designs. So most likely we will never see them released to the market. But as we said "most likely".

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