Popular game 'Control' comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC this week

Remedy's popular game Control is now added to Game Pass for PC after consoles. Microsoft announced that the game will be available in the Game Pass PC library on January 21.

  • 18-01-2021 13:43

Remedy Entertainment's popular game Control is also available to Game Pass PC users this week. According to the official statement made by Microsoft, the game will be added to the Game Pass PC as of January 21.

Control was originally added to console Game Pass last month. There was some reaction that the game was not available to PC users, but now the problem is finally resolved. As of this week, Game Pass PC users will also be able to enjoy Control, albeit with a little delay.

Control, a sci-fi themed third-person action / adventure game, was released in 2019. The game, which received great acclaim with its innovative game mechanics, superior visuals and impressive atmosphere, managed to be among the best games of 2019 and was nominated in the Game of the Year category at the Game Awards. If you haven't had the opportunity to play Control before, now is your chance.

Game Pass also includes the EA Play service on the console side. EA Play will also be added to Game Pass for PC, but had to be delayed due to integration issues in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft said EA Play will be added to PC Game Pass in 2021.


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