PlayStation 5's exclusive game Returnal will be released on March 19

The release date of the third-person roguelike shooter game Returnal announced at the Sony presentation this year has been announced. It will be released for PlayStation 5 on March 19.

  • 11-12-2020 12:20

The release date of Returnal, the third-person roguelike shooter game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Housemarque has been announced.

Returnal will be released on March 19, 2021 exclusively for PlayStation 5. You can find the gameplay video and promotional article for the game published at The Game Awards event below.

Introductory Letter

Break the cycle of chaos on an ever-changing alien planet.

  • Having made a forced landing in this shape-shifting world, Selene has to search the barren lands of an ancient civilization for her escape. He is alone, he finds himself struggling to survive by putting his life on his teeth. He is defeated over and over again, each time he dies, he has to start his journey again.

  • With brutal roguelike gameplay, you will see that as the planet changes with each cycle, the items you use also change. Each loop offers new combinations that push you to push your limits and approach the fight with a different strategy each time.

  • The dark beauty of the decaying world brought to life with eye-catching visual effects is full of explosive surprises. From high-stakes and bullet-hell fighting with harsh and conflicting environments to instinctive moves. You will discover your own path and fight on that path with an unforgiving journey that the mystery is always after you.

  • The procedural world of Returnal, designed for highly replayability, invites you to heal your wounds in the face of defeat and tackle new and evolving challenges with each rebirth.

Fierce fight

Fight to survive in this third person roguelike shooter game. Take down brutal enemies with explosive, bullet-hitting combat.

Breathtaking discovery

Carefully manage your equipment and resources, every time you die you start over. Parse and collect alien technologies for upgrades so you can improve your skills in the next cycles.

The haunting story

As Selene searches for answers, bring together fragments of her memories. Forge a personal bond with the planet as you explore her constantly growing and decaying lands.

  • Fast loading: leap between portals and worlds with the PS5 system's ultra-high speed SSD. Don't wait to reboot after you die, get back into action almost instantly thanks to fast loading.

  • Adaptive triggers: Use a single adaptive trigger to instinctively switch firing modes, aim and go straight to the alternate fire of your weapon.

  • Tactile Feedback: Feel small and big actions in-game as you explore Selene's memoir fragments or fire primitive alien weapons.

  • Tempest 3D AudioTech with compatible headphones: Hear action from all directions with 3D Audio, including bullets passing by, enemies circling above, or enemies sneaking behind you.

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