Open world survival game Stranded Deep for free at Epic Games

The campaign continues, where Epic Games will present a game every day for 15 days. On the twelfth day of the campaign, Epic Games is gifting Stranded Deep.

  • 29-12-2020 12:06

A daily free game campaign launched by Epic Games last week continues on its twelfth day.

The game that Epic Games presents today in a game free game campaign every day is Stranded Deep, where you try to survive in the open world, and opened in 2015. If you add the game to your Epic Games account by December 29, 19:00, the game will be yours.

You can see the page where the game is given for free by clicking here.

The free game that Epic Games will give tomorrow is not officially clear. But tomorrow's game is Solitairica, according to the leaked list.

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