Microsoft wants Bethesda games to be "first, better, or best" on Xbox

Microsoft, which unexpectedly acquired Bethesda in recent months, wants Bethesda games to be "first, better, or best" on Xbox.

  • 17-11-2020 18:25

As you know, Microsoft made an unexpected move for the new generation in recent months and bought Bethesda. After this incident, most gamers began to wonder if Bethesda games would be exclusive to Xbox. This issue is still not clear, but new statements have been made about the situation.

Xbox CFO Tim Stuart said in a speech recently that they don't want to buy Bethesda games entirely from Sony or Nintendo. So they are not interested in making games Xbox and PC exclusive. But Tim Stuart said they wanted Bethesda content to be the first, better, or best on Xbox.

With this sentence, we can imagine that some Bethesda games or all of them will come to Xbox before PlayStation. At least it may be a console exclusive game for a limited time or some Xbox exclusive add-ons or additional features may be offered. We will learn these over time. Previously Xbox president Phil Spencer said they would consider each game separately.

While it is currently unclear whether the games will be exclusive, Bethesda has officially announced that the games will be added to Xbox Game Pass from day one, which is one of the best news players have received recently.

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