Microsoft announces that 40% of first-time users choose the Xbox Series S

Microsoft shared a new statistic on Xbox Series S, the price performance product of Xbox Series consoles.

  • 10-12-2020 12:00

Today is the first month of the Xbox Series, one of the next generation consoles. Console has been out for a whole month and players have been using it for a while, for better or worse. As you know, Microsoft started generations with two different consoles in this generation. One of them is the more powerful Xbox Series X, and the other is the price performance product Xbox Series S.

The audience that these consoles appeal is of course different from each other. In general, Xbox Series X is the choice of those who want power and high quality, while gamers who do not want to spend a lot of time and money on the game prefer the Xbox Series S.

We learned an interesting statistics with Microsoft's latest announcement. 40% of players using Xbox for the first time preferred the Xbox Series S. It is difficult to say that the Xbox Series S is a great success or a very accurate move, but it is still a fairly sufficient percentage according to this statistic. Microsoft seems to have somewhat reached its intended purpose with the Series S.

Xbox Series S'in fiyatı buradaki yüzde de büyük bir pay sahibi büyük ihtimalle.

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