Loki's tv series which will be released on Disney Plus are also coming.

Disney Plus seems to have already begun preparations for the tv series of Loki. The drama could be even better than we expected.

  • 08-01-2021 22:45

Loki, one of the most anticipated series of Disney Plus, is most likely to come with tv series. It seems that preparations have already started for the second season of the series. It is stated that the screenwriter Michael Waldron will return in the tv series.

In the news published last year, it was said that Disney was preparing the Loki series as a mini-series. However, the plans now seem to have changed. In the news in Deadline, it was stated that Loki's screenwriter Michael Waldron will also work as a screenwriter in the Star Wars series prepared by Kevin Feige, and Loki is also expected to return for the second season. Since it comes from a reliable source such as Deadline, we can say that the news is not likely to be accurate.

Screenwriter Michael Waldron is currently among Disney's favorite names. Waldron, who received a Primetime Emmy award for the episode named 'The Vat of Acid Episode' in Rick and Morty's 4th season, is currently in the script team of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness as well as Loki. According to information received today, Waldron has now entered the Star Wars universe.

Michael Waldron's rise to Disney could be a sign that the Loki drama will be even better than expected. The first trailer of the series, released last month, looked very interesting. Fans were very pleased that the beloved actor Tom Hiddleston would continue the role of Loki in the Marvel universe for a while.

Loki will be released on Disney Plus in May 2021.


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