God of War Ragnarok seems to debut for PS4 too

God of War Ragnarok, the new game of God of War, one of PlayStation's biggest brands, was announced last year, but its platform is still not officially announced.

  • 07-01-2021 13:30

The sequel to the renewed God of War series, God of War Ragnarok, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Santa Monica Studio, was announced with a short video last year.

Unfortunately, no details about the game were shared during the announcement, only the name of the game and 2021 were written on the screen. It is unlikely that the game will appear in 2021, most likely they will only explain the first details of the game this year.

The only thing known for the game at the moment is that it will be released for PlayStation 5. However, former Santa Monica developer David Jaffe is pretty sure that the game will be released for PlayStation 4 as well. In fact, this is not a surprise because Sony has already announced that it will support PlayStation 4 for a few more years.

When we look at the games that are currently released and announced exclusively for PlayStation 5, Demon's Souls is the only game that does not appear on PlayStation 4. We hope it will be a game that comes out on older generation consoles without compromising its quality and performance.

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