Game console where you can play games and heat chicken from KFC: KFConsole

Yes, we realize it doesn't look real, but it's true. Fast food chain KFC releases a console, and you can heat your chicken at the same time.

  • 29-12-2020 13:08

The game console of KFC, which was announced in June but thought to be a joke, came true. KFC recently approved it and shared the trailer of the console a few hours later.

Announced with the "POWER YOUR HUNGER" slogan, the full name of the KFC console is KFConsole. When we look at its features, we can see that the strangest part is the chicken heating section inside the console. According to the features written on the site, there is a heating section on the console to be able to eat your chickens without cooling while you play. Thanks to the patented compartment that uses a natural heat and air flow system, you will be able to warm your chicken while playing. The device is completely designed and created by Cooler Master.

You might be even more surprised when you look at the console's other features. According to the information on the console site, it aims to offer 4K 240 FPS game performance, moreover, it also supports ray tracing technology. At the heart of the console is Intel Nuc 9. It also offers switchable graphics card support. Inside the device are two Seagate® BarraCuda® 1TB SSDs. Finally, the console also has VR support.

Although it has been seriously announced, one still cannot fully believe it. On the official site, there are Cooler Master, Intel, Asus and Seagate in the partners section. You can view the site here. You can also find the published trailer and first images below. Details such as the price and release date are sadly unknown.

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