Galactic Civilizations III is free this week in the Epic Game Store

The Epic Games Store's free game this week is available for download. You can download the turn-based strategy game Galactic Civilizations III right now.

  • 21-01-2021 17:47

Epic Games Store continues its free game campaigns without slowing down. This week, Galactic Civilizations III game is free. You will be able to add the game to your library for free for the next week.

Galactic Civilizations III, a turn-based strategy game with a space and science fiction theme, was first released in 2015. You can find images and promotional articles from the game below.

You can get the Galactic Civilizations III game right now from the Epic Games Store and install it on your computer with the help of Epic Game Launcher. The campaign will end on January 28, 19:00. The game that the Epic Games Store will give free next week has also been announced: Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition.

Introductory article:


Build a civilization that will challenge time! Make your name across the galaxy with diplomacy, espionage, technological advances and more, choosing from dozens of unique races!

What would happen if people woke up one day and found out that they were not alone in the galaxy? People are exploring other alien civilizations that want to have their own history and purpose and make their name by going into space. Choose your race among Human, Drengin, Altarian and many more, and live your civilization its golden age in one of the greatest 4X strategy games ever!

Research new technologies, design starships and colonize new worlds as you face threats and overcome challenges from new and mysterious sources. Make trade negotiations and treaties, wage war, spy on your enemies and create extraordinary citizens. Once you've achieved your goal, play again as one of the many alien civilizations, each with its own history, tech tree, ship components, and more.

Galactic Civilizations III now comes packaged with Crusade and Retribution expansions and includes the Mega Events add-on for an even greater gameplay experience! Join the galactic leaders today and answer the question: How will you rule the Galaxy?

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