Funny PlayStation 5 ad from Rick and Morty

An entertaining advertisement clip from the popular animation of recent times released for Sony's next-generation game console PlayStation 5 was shared.

  • 22-11-2020 13:37

Sony's new generation game console has recently made its debut all over the world. Various commercials were aired everywhere, but the most enjoyable came from Rick and Morty.

Many ads were published for PlayStation 5. Among them are advertisements that are really enjoyable. A new one was added to the enjoyable ads the other day. A new ad was shared from the recently popular animated series Rick and Morty.

In the ad, Morty praises the features of PlayStation 5, and Rick gives him some instructions from behind. However, it also counts the coins. The coins obviously came from PlayStation. Such a boring advertisement from the series, which was very enjoyable, and Rick counting money in the back also enjoyed the advertisement.

Sony and Rick and Morty had previously worked together on Death Stranding, which was released exclusively for PlayStation for a short time. You can find the ad for PlayStation 5, Rick and Morty below.


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