Football Manager 2021 breaks sales record

The new game of the Football Manager series, one of the most popular games among football games, seems to have further increased the popularity of the brand.

  • 09-01-2021 11:24

Football Manager 2021, one of the most popular sports games published by Sega and developed by Sports Interactive, broke a sales record.

Miles Jacobson, who is the director of Football Manager 2021 at Sports Interactive, recently announced on Twitter that 1 million copies were sold within 1 month after the release of the game. This made Football Manager 2021 the fastest game to cross the 1 million threshold in the history of the series.

In addition to the statement made, it was reported that 900,000 people played the game last week. This is an incredible number for the series.

A game in the Footbal Manager series made its debut on consoles after 2008. Sega seems to have paid off well. Footbal Manager 2021 is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Let us remind you that you can try the demo of the game on Steam.

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