Filming of House of the Dragon begins in 2021

Filming of House of the Dragon which will focus on the history of Game of Thrones begins next year.

  • 06-12-2020 17:10

Game of Thrones, adapted from the Song of Ice and Fire series, became one of the most watched series in the television world. Created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the fantastic production won dozens of awards throughout its broadcast life. The final season of the series was broadcast last year and received a lot of criticism from fans. On this occasion, HBO announced two different prequel series showing its commitment to the series. Filming of House of the Dragon, which will focus on the history of the original series, will begin next year.

Naomi Watts was to star in one of the series Bloodmoon and The Long Night, and the series was set during Age of Heroes. Even the pilot episode was filmed. However, HBO decided not to continue the series towards the end of 2019. The other prequel series House of the Dragon was luckier. As the name suggests, House of the Dragon will be about House Targaryen. In September, HBO president Casey Bloys spoke confidently that the prequel series will air in 2022. Shortly after that, he became the first actor to join the series as Viserys Targaryen on the Paddy Considine.

Filming of House of the Dragon begins in 2021

Today, the anticipated news has finally arrived. In a post from Game of Thrones' original Twitter account, it was announced that House of the Dragon will begin filming in 2021. The two shared concept art provided us to get a first glimpse of some of the dragons viewers could expect to see in the series. Considering that the series will be broadcast in 2022, it makes sense to start shooting next year. While fans may hope the series airs sooner, they may want to wait for the HBO epidemic to be contained a little more. This could mean the series will enter production in mid or late 2021.

The start date of the filming is important for a number of reasons. First, viewers can get more insight into the show once production begins. Because it will be possible to produce many theories through the cast, interviews and behind the scenes photos. In addition, once filming begins it will be easy to predict when the series will premiere. Currently we only have two concept drawings. You can take a look at the shared images below.



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