"Family Membership" may come to Xbox Game Pass

A new subscription may come to the Xbox Game Pass request, which is one of the best services of the last period and loved by players.

  • 21-12-2020 21:47

The Xbox Game Pass system, which is perhaps the most successful and highest quality service of Xbox in recent times, is one of the services that players love and this service seems to grow even more.

As you know, you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for a fee and you get access to games in the service's library. The system currently has 3 different subscriptions. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Game Pass for Console. Ultimate membership includes Live Gold, EA Play and PC Game Pass features. Other memberships are already evident from the name.

Following a question recently asked Xbox president Phil Spencer, a new membership system that could come to the service emerged: Family Membership. As you know, Family Membership, which can be used in services such as Spotify and Netflix, becomes a joint member and the price per person drops significantly.

Phil Spencer said that they had such a plan and that it was something they wanted to do. It would be a really nice step to get this kind of membership to Game Pass.

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