Epic Games' free game list may have been announced

Contrary to the previously published and obviously false list, this content is likely to be correct. You can check the list in the rest of the news.

  • 20-12-2020 12:26

Epic Games, which offers games or games every week, announced that it will give free games every day from December 17th until December 31st. A few hours ago, the third day gift of the campaign was given, but a list shared on Twitter seems to reveal Epic Games' entire game calendar.

Before Epic Games' free games started, a list was leaked on the internet and included utopian games and had no basis. That's why we did not pass the list to you, but this time the list is most likely correct.

The list was shared 20 minutes before the game that was gifted last night was announced and confirms both yesterday's game and today's game. Of course, let's remind you that there is a possibility of going wrong. You can view the list below.



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