EA Play is not coming to Game Pass PC for now: delayed to 2021

EA Play was expected to be added to Xbox Game Pass PC today, but unfortunately bad news came from Microsoft.

  • 15-12-2020 20:59

Unfortunately, bad news came to those who were waiting for EA Play to be added to Xbox Game Pass PC today. According to the statement made by Microsoft, EA Play will arrive on Game Pass PC in 2021. An exact date has not yet been given.

EA Play was originally expected to be added to Game Pass PC on December 15, today. It was a little interesting that Microsoft gave the bad news exactly today. While users were waiting to see the new games in the library, they were suddenly faced with this news. It would be much better if Microsoft had reported earlier on this side.

When we look at the reasons behind the decision to delay, we see that there is a problem with the updates in the Microsoft Store not catching up. Things are often slow on the PC side for Xbox Game Pass. This is because most of the games that will be added to Game Pass are not available in the Microsoft Store. On the console side, there is a more streamlined process as all games are already available on the Xbox Store. Therefore, although there is no problem with the EA-Microsoft agreement, EA Play takes much longer to come to PC than consoles.

EA Play-Game Pass PC integration will continue for a while to complete. Microsoft currently hasn't given a clear date other than 2021. We hope the process will be completed by early 2021 before it takes too long, and Game Pass PC users can start enjoying EA games too.

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