Complaints about the Xbox Series X / S's Quick Resume feature

he Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S made their debut, but users have been complaining about some issues. Especially the Quick Resume feature seems to annoy the players a little.

  • 13-11-2020 21:23

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S made their debut the other day. As with every new console, complaints started to come from the very first day in this generation. In fact, this is not an exaggeration, things are happening all the time, but since the consoles are new, more happens.

There were people who got some crash errors at the launch of the Xbox Series X, and especially on social media, videos that smoke from the console became popular. Of course, these videos were denied in a short time. Now, especially on Reddit, users are complaining about another problem: the Quick Resume feature.

Quick Resume feature brings innovation such as the ability to open several different games on your console at the same time. Just like the different tabs you open in your browser, you will be able to open games in different tabs on the console and switch to other games without waiting. However, it seems that most users complain about this feature. Complaints are generally that the feature is not working efficiently.

Microsoft, on the other hand, immediately made a statement about the issue when the complaints increased. According to the description, some games currently do not support this feature. Therefore, it is recommended not to use this feature until the next explanation. Currently unknown which games support it, but it is obvious that there is a minor problem with this feature.

These problems are actually quite normal, as the console is still very new. With the games released in the future and updates to the console, these problems will be completely eliminated. However, it is of course sad that the players have such problems from the first day.


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