Call of Duty: Warzone finally has a Solo Mode now

Activision's new battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone finally got a solo mode. Players can now fight alone against 149 people on the Verdansk map.

  • 19-03-2020 14:26

Call of Duty: Warzone has had good success since its release. Now, Activision has brought the solo mode requested by everyone.

When the game came out last week, there were only battle royale and Plunder game modes. In Warzone's battle royale, 150 players were able to fight by building teams of 3 each. Players could hang out solo with the “squad fill” option if they wanted to, but this left the players in a difficult situation against the three opponents. Now, with the arrival of the solo mode, this problem has disappeared.

There will be 150 players in the solo match. So you will fight against 149 players. When you die for the first time, you will be sent to Gulag if you are in the early minutes of the game. If you win 1vs1 with Gulag, you will have a second chance in the game. If you lose, you will be eliminated from the game.

Self-revive kits are still available in Solo mode. Of course, even if you have a kit, your opponent is likely to kill you.

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