Battlefield 3 is free to Amazon Prime members

Battlefield 3 was free this month on Prime Gaming. Prime members receive free Battlefield 3 Origin codes throughout this month.

  • 02-12-2020 13:04

Another good news about the free game campaigns this week came from Amazon Prime. The popular FPS game Battlefield 3 will be distributed free of charge to Prime Gaming members this month. You can add the game to your library right now and enjoy it forever.

To add Battlefield 3 to your library, first you need to go to this page and click the "Claim" button. When you click the button, an Origin code will appear on the screen. You will activate this code later in the Origin application from the "Redeem Product Code" section. Later, the Battlefield 3 game will be added to your library.

You can also share the codes distributed by Amazon with your friends. Those who have already purchased Battlefield 3 are now getting the codes and sharing them with friends or online.

Battlefield 3 Prime Gaming link (Codes expire on January 29, 2021)

HyperDot, Wizard of Legend, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, Turmoil, and Close to the Sun games will also be distributed free of charge this month on Prime Gaming. You can click on this page to get new Prime Gaming games. At the top of the page, there are in-game content (loot) distributed for games such as GTA 5 and Apex Legends, below are free games. You can install Prime Gaming games with Amazon Launcher or Prime Launcher. The link for Amazon Launcher is here.

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