Announced for PS1 in 1998, the game was released exactly 23 years later

The Japanese game Magic Castle, which was sent to publishing companies in 1998 and thus announced, made its debut exactly 23 years later.

  • 06-01-2021 12:25

We have seen many games since the game world started to emerge. Of course, not only the games we see, but many games have either been canceled or shelved without our knowledge. A game of this kind has surfaced recently.

In 1998, a small Japanese developer team sent Magic Castle, the game it had been working on for about 8 months, to several publishing companies, including Sony. Unfortunately, the game's development process did not continue and the game remained with its announcement in 1998.

About 20 years after the game was announced and shelved, PIROWO, one of the former team members, found the source code of the game and completed the game. In short, Magic Castle made its debut approximately 23 years after its announcement. You can find the gameplay video for the game released in 1998 below. You can also download the game free of charge from here.


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